About Me

Apple Picking in New England 2013

Apple Picking in New England

Hi there! I am Catherine Hauser, a Registered Dietitian with my masters in Public Health Nutrition. I currently live in New York City and work as a clinical dietitian in a hospital. I love working with people to help them improve their nutritional status. I also love spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking, and am always trying to find new ways to enlighten recipes…see what I did there? This blog is my way to virtually bring my nutrition knowledge to you and your meals, allowing you to sidestep the whole awkward visiting-me-in-the-hospital thing.

In addition to cooking, baking, and creating recipes, I also love any and all types of fitness. Running is my first and true passion but you can get me to do almost anything if its active, from Cross Fit to Barre Method. I also love to travel, spend time with my family and friends, and play in the great outdoors, which to New Yorkers is also called Central Park.

My first marathon! 26.2 miles through San Francisco


One thought on “About Me

  1. Catherine! Your blog looks spectacular!! I am so excited to try your recipes 🙂 Very much looking forward to following you! I am a registered dietitian as well and I am always searching for healthy recipes for my clients.

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